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I produce visuals for music

...and occasionally for poetry and dance. Here's my showreel, and if you don't have time for that, here's a 30 second teaser.

I've worked regularly with many bands including Tangerine Dream, Afro Celt Sound System and Banco de Gaia. I've created visuals and performed with John Metcalfe, (Peter Gabriel's producer and arranger), Bob Holroyd, the TV and film composer, John Law, one of the most creative artists in the jazz world, world music innovator Simon Emmerson, producer and Dj Simon Richmond, synth guru Thorsten Quaeschning, (here's a complete pre-prepared set I created for him) Berlin techno artist Gene Serene, and legendary bassist James Eller, of The The.

I've done occasional shows with Billy Bragg, Show of Hands, Alabama 3 and The Orb.

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My work ranges from highly customised pre-designed pieces to fully improvised sets, and I've performed in major venues, tiny clubs and everywhere in between (in roughly 24 countries). But whatever I do, my intention is to create visuals that work closely with the music; I don't make moving wallpaper.

As well as music I also produce videos for poetry and dance. Here are a couple of videos I did for the poet Steve Pottinger: Read all about it and Fatima.

Patrick Dunn


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